Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Magic Iso Maker stops Win XP shutdown

Not really related to anything else on this blog, but this might be of interest to others who have the same problem I had: Windows XP (pro) would take around 5 minutes to shut down - exceptionally annoying, as you can surely imagine. 

I bought a used Dell Latitude d820 a while ago, and there was a lot amiss with this computer, including a few trojans and viruses, missing windows updates, and the shutdown problem. 

Today, I rolled up my sleeves to try and find out what was wrong with the shutdown process. The delay would come after I had seen the "shutdown/reboot"-dialog, taking a long time to remove the desktop, and then often staying in black with occasional blinks of the HD light for a few minutes before finally going to sleep.

To make  long story short, after searching for XP shutdown problems on google, I looked through my Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager for installed device drivers that I might not have a use for, and that might slow things down. Lo and behold: Magic Iso

The previous owner had installed some sort of simulated SCSI device driver, and after removing this (and the rest of Magic Iso, for good measure), Windows XP started acting the way it's supposed to! Hoo-ray! :-)

So, there you are; if you have frustratingly slow computer that refuses to shut down, and you use Magic ISO Maker, try uninstalling/disabling the driver. It might help. 

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