Monday, February 9, 2009

Gmail: The loss of a button

Gmail updated its design again recently, and while I love the new look CSS buttons (read a very interesting item on their design here), there's another change that is more significant to me:

The loss of the "Search Web" button.

For those who have never noticed, there used to be TWO buttons to the right of the search field in Gmail. One labeled "Search Mail", and another called "Search Web". Now, since I'm mostly using Chrome, I almost always used the URL/adress/search field in the browser for searching the web anyways, BUT: 1) I don't have Chrome at work, and 2) Just clicking the button with nothing in the search field was the shortcut back to my iGoogle homepage!

Regarding item 2 above, Gmail strangely lacks a few items in  top meny bar that most other Google apps and services have - at least there's no "My Account", and I, for one, am missing "iGoogle". 

So, I'm hoping Gmail gets its button back (as an option), AND/OR that Google app engineers standardise their top menu bar. 

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